Under The Blue Helmet: Life As A UN Peacekeeper

Vídeo divulgado pelos 70 anos dos Blue Helmets
29 Maio 2018

What is it like to deploy as a United Nations peacekeeper to one of the most challenging missions on Earth? Witness the staggering beauty of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - a country roughly the size of Western Europe - and see, through the eyes of Blue Helmets, how they confront the deadly conflict that has driven some four and a half million people from their homes since 2017.

This journey will cover hundreds of miles of terrain - by helicopter, in an armored personnel vehicle, and on foot patrols side-by-side with the peacekeepers who are risking their own lives so that others may live in safety. From the bustling capital of Kinshasa to Beni in the volatile northeast to the lush, remote region of Fataki, embed with peacekeepers as they perform daily tasks and conduct night patrols.

Hear from the Congolese people who express their hopes for the future and their plans to work for peace. View collective security in action as personnel from different countries come together for the same goal of restoring a sense of normalcy for the Congolese people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo so they may unleash the country's potential to flourish. Beyond the peacekeepers' official duties, you will see the personal side of the women and men who have travelled so far from home to contribute to stability: how they live, how they cope, and how they keep contact with their children, who serve as an inspiration to help Congolese youth suffering from conflict.

See the mission through the eyes of a Jordanian peacekeeper now on his fourth deployment with the United Nations; a Bangladeshi pilot who provides critical air transport; and a Nepalese solider who shares well-worn pictures of her cherished son with colleagues.

At the heart of the mission are the people who will remain long after peacekeepers complete their mandate. Perhaps no one better embodies their impact than the former fighter who received assistance as he transitioned to civilian life. His story is a microcosm of the meaning of peacekeeping: empowering individuals to change society. This 360 degree film brings the viewer where few people have ever travelled, providing a virtual experience of human solidarity in action.